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The Start of a New Life Together
Two Hearts Meet: March 1997, on line in the Hot Tub chat room... A friendship destined to blossom into love everlasting by end the of summer. 2cute & Sleepless were inseperable & by September, Sleepless helped 2cute to move from Florida to NY & together a fairy-tale romance came to be real life.
Our Wedding
On exactly a year to the day of first laying eyes on my beloved, September 26th,1998 we were wed on the grounds of our beautiful 112 acre farm. We were joined by our closest friends and family and enjoyed a day full of laughter, song, and love. This memory will be embedded in our hearts forever and cherished into eternity.
Our Family and Friends
Our family is completed by Desiree 13, Conan 10, Ashley 5, a house full of laughter & love .Supported by: 3 cats, 3 dogs, 2 horses, 2 rabbits, & plenty of Bandaids for all the scrapes & bruises. Our circle of friends:Rosie & Marlene, Eash, Peter-AKA:Pamela Jett, Bonnie & Jeff, Rhonda & Cathy. Special Thanks to:The World's Best Mom... Thank You... for standing by us & with your loving support. We love you Mom!
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